Founded in 1990 by a group of young scholars, HRD Degree and PG College has carded the niche for it self in the educational map of Osmania University true to its name, the very aim of its promoters is to explore the talents of its students by expanding the horizons of education, keeping up breast trend in vogue. The college is justly proud of its study growth in last 18 years, a no mean achievement in the mids of competition in the private sector.

Hailed as a premiere institution in the university area, the subline motive of its founders is to tap the inherent faculties of young minds and channelise them into appropriate fields of human service.

Ideally located at Narayanguda, the nucleus of academic activity in the twin cities, the college is known for its salubrious academic atmosphere, leaving a lasting impression on the visitor, who breathe the aroma of academic climate.


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"To mould young minds as architects in the regeneratin of India as envisioned by Swami Vivekananda"


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Over 60+ Staff
Over 1200+ Students
Over 10,000+ Books In Library
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Over 27 Years Of Experience