Department of Mathematics & Statistics

The Department of Mathematics began in 1990. Statistics was added in the year 2000-2001 with combination MSCs. The objective of these departments is to make our students more competent, motivated to know the use of the applications of maths in daily life...

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics provide information like revised syllabus, question banks, updated practical booklets, and recent notifications for various U.G and P.G courses. The students of the department have participated in maths Olympiads, seminars conferences, workshops and training programms conducted in other colleges. The department has conducted many Olympaiads, Elocutions, Debates, Quiz etc.

S.No. Name of the Teaching Faculty Designation Qualification Date of Appointment
1 Mr. V. Naveen Kumar HOD
Dept. of Maths
M.Sc. 12.06.2006
2 Mrs. D.V. Rajeshwari Lecturer M.Sc. 10.06.2013
3 Mrs. D.S.S. Ranjani Lecturer M.Sc. 26.06.2015
4 Mrs. K. Shirisha Lecturer M.Sc. 01.07.2016